Our Fine Arts Classes


The Painter's Palette offers a continuing art experience for children (age 7 and above) and adults in an environment that is geared toward individual instruction and advancement. Art principles are taught to the students through their actual painting and drawing. The ability to paint and draw is a true delight. Even a few lessons will offer a wonderful insight into a different world and the realization if one wishes to develop this talent, it is possible. The Painter’s Palette offers the student the opportunity to develop artistic ability in the same manner as other courses of study such as piano or dance. Call us today at (318) 387-0507 for more information. Start your art adventure today at Painter's Palette. 


We teach all mediums: watercolor, oil, tempera, markers, acrylics, charcoal, pastels (oil, and chalk), pen and ink, and pencil (Graphite). 


We teach all styles: Photorealism, Realism, Painterly, Impressionism, Expressionism/Fauvism, Abstraction, and Abstract.


Goals of the Fine Arts Classes:

1. Teaching drawing and painting skills to beginning artists

2. Improving drawing and painting skills for artists

3. Bringing new dimensions to the artist’s work

4. Learning to create original paintings and drawings

5. Allowing the artist to develop their own unique style and techniques

6. Carrying the art learning experience (through the student’s hard work) to any level



Cost – Billing:

1. Lessons are $80.00 per month for 2 hour classes (once a week) and $55.00 per month for 1 hour classes (once a week)

2. The studio fee of $20.00 is due each January, June, and September or when the student starts class.

3. A bill will be given to the student on the last week of each month. Payment is due on the first class meeting of each month.

4. We do not accept credit cards.

5. After the 10th of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be applied to the next month's bill.

6. We do monthly billing where the holidays and months with 5 weeks are averaged into the cost.

7. Supplies are not included in class cost.


Holidays – Makeups:

  • Please let me know ASAP if you are aware that you will be missing a class.

  • Make-ups are good for two months while the student is still enrolled and paying for classes

  • 1 week off for Thanksgiving

  • 2 weeks off for Christmas

  • 1 week off for Spring Break

  • No classes the Monday after Easter

  • No classes the last two weeks of May because of the art exhibit schedule. If you are not involved in the exhibit, you may come two extra classes before the end of the session.


  • Gift items and painting supplies are sold in studio

  • Typical start-up supplies for youth average $70.00. Once those supplies are depleted, individual costs will be billed for replacements. Adults are dependent on medium.

  • Not included in tuition.

  • Each student is responsible for their supplies and materials.

  • Student’s are never required to buy something they do not need. 

  • Prices are set at manufacturer’s suggested prices, and when possible, student grades and discounts are given.

  • Adults do not have to purchase supplies if they already have their own. This may also apply to older youth who have been involved in painting. If supplies have been purchased during the month, those invoices will be added to the monthly bill. 



Classroom Behavior – Clothing:

  • Students that do not behave appropriately will not be allowed to continue lessons

  • Snacks, cokes, etc. are allowed in class. You may bring your own or purchase from the studio.

  • We advise you to wear clothing you do not value. We do have smocks, but this does not always help. We are not responsible for student putting on smocks or for any clothes that are ruined.

Class Size:

  • Classes are limited in size according to the age and experience of the students.

  • We will never sacrifice a student’s need for appropriate instruction and attention.


  • Most years, we have a large exhibit in May that is a wonderful showcase for your work. To enter the exhibit, you have to pay a small exhibit fee per family, and you must be willing to volunteer to help with the exhibit. Participation is not required.



Class Times

Class times that may be available between September and May:


Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday 

3:30 – 4:30, 4:30 – 5:30, 5:30 – 6:30


Only available on Mondays and Tuesdays - 6:30 – 8:30


Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 10:00 – 12:00, 1:00 – 3:00


Summer Classes


Former students are aware that when they sign up for summer classes, they will be held responsible for 12 classes or three months of lessons. It is possible to receive the 12 classes in one month or they may be spread over a period of the 9 weeks that the studio is open during the summer. Payments are spread over the 3 months’ time period even though a student may have received 12 lessons by the first week in July. This allows the summer student to be out of town most of the summer and still get a full three months of art at their convenience, and not have to pay for all classes at one time. It is necessary for the students to sign up for one class time, so I will not overbook a class and can keep up with schedules. The student can be absent for their regular class time as much as needed. Of course, I do expect them to let me know, so I can plan on other make-up students that may want to attend that class time. Students may make appointments for as many class times as they wish during any week. Many students will be through with the 12 lessons by the middle of July. New students may sign up, and pay the first month of class plus the studio fee. After they receive two lessons, if the classes are not as expected, the money for the first month of classes will be refunded, and there is no obligation to continue. The studio fee of $20.00 will not be refunded. After that time, the student is expected to receive 10 more lessons. They will receive their supplies for $65.00, (this may be paid in two installments), and the class tuition will be due the first week in July and the first week in August. I feel the 12 lessons are important for the student to fully take advantage of what they are learning. 


For more information about our summer classes, call us today at (318) 387-0507.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

10:00 -11:00-12:00-1:00-2:00

Classes are scheduled according to registration, so not all times will be available. 



Adults will have no set classes during the summer. However, they may call us at (318) 387-0507 and schedule a 2 hour class session.