The Painter's Palette was established when Melanie King opened the first studio on the square in Oxford, Mississippi in the summer of 1973. In the spring of 1974, the business was moved to Monroe, Louisiana, and the studio was located in the backyard of 3711 Caddo Street. It remained at that location until 1993 when the studio was moved to Justice Street. During the more than 40 years of operation, many artists have been through the doors.


Art will enrich each of us and the world would be a bleak place without the beauty created by artists using many different methods of interpretation. Although there are many different types of artistic expression, we focus on the fine art of drawing and painting as that is the form taught here. You do not have to have natural drawing ability to become an excellent artist. If you supply the time and work, we will supply the instruction to help you reach your goal.


We teach all mediums: watercolor, acrylic, oils, tempera, markers, charcoal, pastels (chalk and oil), pen and ink and pencil (graphite). We also teach all styles: Photorealism, Realism, Painterly, Impressionism, Expressionism/Fauvism, Abstraction, and Abstract.


The Painter’s Palette’s motto is “an individual approach to art”. This simply means we teach in a classroom setting, but each student is being taught on an individual level that connects with them. Fine Arts allows the artist to learn and perfect technical expertise while choosing the subject matter that expresses the emotion, feeling, or look that they wish to display. The beauty of art is that it is personal, and it will offer an individual experience for each of us.


Art offers an avenue of freedom of expression and benefits all individuals regardless of age. When you enter the world of art, you will be forever changed. We look forward to seeing you. Check out our classes and registration here.


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Our Classes


The Painter's Palette offers a continuing art experience for children (age 7 and above) and adults in an environment that is geared toward individual instruction and advancement.